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Before Remap - Max Hp

Before Remap - Max FtLb

After Remap - Max Hp

After Remap - Max FtLb

Dyno Remap

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DRD Custom Dyno Remap

Inc Before and After Dyno Graph

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Each tune is unique and will be guided by the specific outcomes you’re looking to achieve. If you’re looking to improve towing ability for your boat or caravan, we’ll make that our top priority – while boosting performance for a family car may mean focusing on drivability, torque and safer overtaking.

Generally speaking, some of the benefits include:

    • Better fuel economy 
    • Better overall performance 
    • Greater towing abilities
    • Cleaner running engine
    • Increased horsepower and torque 
    • Better throttle response

Diesel 4×4 Vehicles (excluding direct and mechanically injected vehicles)


  • The short answer is yes! The default settings on your vehicle’s ECU just aren’t designed to optimise performance. In fact, these data maps actually restrict your vehicle from running at its best. When remapping your vehicle, we replace that factory set of data with a new and improved data map, allowing you to get better performance out of your engine. 


  • All of our remaps are stage 2, meaning safety and reliability aren’t compromised in the process. Stage 2 remapping ensures your vehicle adheres to all legal requirements for both emissions levels and vehicle safety. 

A dynamometer is a device that can measure force, power, or speed—so you can figure out how much power you need or how much power you have to play with. Our dyno allows us to deliver a custom tune for your unique vehicle, taking into consideration all the different variables which could affect its performance and keeping your individual goals in mind

No, other than Nissan Patrol. In order to remap, a Nissan Patrol will require a Dawes Valve (at an extra charge of $400)

No, all our remaps are stage 2 which is both safe for your vehicle and warrantable.


  • Frankly, we’ve never heard of this happening – it’s a bit of an urban myth in the world of remapping.  However, it is theoretically possible if the dealer were to update your vehicle’s software to a different version. If anything were to happen to your tune, we keep all tune files on hand, so we would only charge for the time taken to reflash your vehicle. 
  • If you’re concerned, let the dealer know when bringing your car in that you want the software left as it is. Alternatively, bring your car to Automotive Inspection Services for servicing – we can ensure your retune isn’t affected and getting a service with AIS will not void your warranty.






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